My Trip to Las Vegas Dec 2015

Ah yes! My first post! Well the title for today’s first post is Las Vegas. I absolutely love Las Vegas, its the number one family destination in America. Going to Las Vegas is fun. Its amazing and it is much better than Laughlin. Flying is the best part, rather than a 6 hour drive, if you fly, you are there in 45 minutes. Well the day I left for Las Vegas, was on Dec 16. The morning started off busy, my father had left for work, leaving me and my mother alone and trying to finish packing. After going to the bank we came back home. We had to do everything fast as we had called for a taxi. As our flight was scheduled to leave at 12:26pm the plane was late and so we boarded our plane JetBlue at 12:30. Taking off approximately at 12:45 pm we were up at 23,000 feet in the air, and the best part? The soda and the chips you get to eat on the plane. We arrived at the airport at exactly 1:30pm. Our first day was the best. We ate. One of my favorite parts of going to Las Vegas is the fact that I get to go to sleep at 5:30 am. One night we actually stayed up until 6:00am, instead of going back up to the room to get some sleep, we went to McDonald’s to get breakfast. I went to the Monte Carlo straight to the Aria. One of the many things we did is that we went to old las Vegas, well my parents did as the day before I had gone with them and my feet were killing me, literally. The week went by fast and the next thing I knew it was already December 24. Where I spent the day at the aria. After checking the bags online on, we went back to the hotel to eat. Shortly after we went to explore the mandalay bay, where I had to accept that it was our last day before going back home. But part of me was happy, as I was missing home already. Well the day to travel had arrived and as always I saved my best clothes for last. We had a huge delay at the airport. But we took off at 3:45 pm and although there was a lot of turbulence we managed to arrive safe and sound at the long beach airport. The best part of returning home? Getting the incredible things perfume by Taylor Swift. Its time to say good night but i’ll be back tomorrow for more on what I did in Las Vegas.


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