My Career

For those who follow me on Facebook, yesterday was March 8th. It has been 4 years since I graduated as a Medical Assistant. Back in 2011 I decided to sign up for the class, why? Because I like to help people and because at the time I thought it was a good career. Class began and I learned everything, from preparing injections to doing blood withdrawals. I graduated with a 4.0 gpa. Once I finished the class, I said “this is it, this is where my career truly begins”. I found a clinic to do my practice or as they like to call it, externship. So what is an externship? It’s everything I learned in class and apply it at the clinic. Eventually I finished my practice, and I went back to school to finish the classes. I got my diploma, and now where am I? Without a job. Sadly I realized that the career I chose was the wrong one. Recently I applied to a clinic, where they reviewed my resume. They send me an email saying, that due to lack of experience, they decided to hire a candidate who has 7 years of experience or more. This makes me ask “how am I going to gain the experience, if you don’t give me the opportunity”? Not only that but I ask myself” Can the career that you choose today, affect you, when you are searching for a job in that industry”? The next article will focus on that.


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